Grave Decoration

These regulations are for the benefit of all lot owners and are in accordance with the desire to Rolling Oaks the most beautiful burial park.

Bouquets of fresh flowers and artificial flowers place in vase containers will be allowed to remain until they become, in the sole opinion of the Superintendent, unsightly. At that time, they will be removed.

No floral containers may be placed below the surface of the ground except those set by cemetery personnel.

On Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, wreaths, bouquets and small plants will be permitted to be placed directly on the graves but will be removed within 5 to 10 days thereafter.

Grave decorations such as winter wreaths, artificial flowers and blankets may be placed on or after Thanksgiving week of each year. Spring cleanup begins March 1st and all vases will be turned down. We ask anyone wanting to save their flowers in vases to please remove them before March 1st.

During mowing season, all decorations except those contained in a vase will be removed as grass cutting conditions warrant.

Under no circumstances will digging, disturbing the turf or planting of any kind be permitted.