Family Circle Cremation Burial Estates

Family Circle Estates are our own unique innovation designed especially for cremation oriented families and friends. In a six-foot diameter circle, we present natural elements arranged to create a living memorial for optimal beauty and space utilization. A live tree is the focal point surrounded by engraved natural stones making them the permanent memorial monuments. The bordered estate the defines your Family Circle. As many as four natural, eco-friendly bio-degradable urns may be interred without disturbing the seasonal planting that enhances the engraved memorial stones.


Family Circle Estates create a place of heritage to return as memories live on and your tree grows in stature. It is the distinction of your own personal cremation memorial garden. Cremation affords you the choice of when to have committal services. Each Family Circle Estate includes your tree, landscape materials, four natural irregular shaped engraved stones and individual committal service* making these estates extremely affordable.

Each Family Circle Estate from $17,900.00


* standard M-F committal service times excluding National Holidays.