Private Family Mausoleums

Mausoleums are an eternal testament of accomplishment and distinction of lives lived.  A life time of success deserves a permanent testimonial.  A personalized, custom designed private mausoleum, constructed to your exact specifications, attests to your worthy achievements.  A sound, sensible investment, the customized family mausoleum ensures a peaceful, maintenance-free resting place that will last for centuries to come.


Private estate mausoleums provide above-ground entombment instead of a ground cemetery burial at an affordable price.  Once regarded as only for the well-to-do, a private estate mausoleum is an affordable option for families today.  The combined costs of burial grave space, grave opening, burial vault and headstone memorial monument, our private estate mausoleums are a very competitive alternative to traditional ground burial.


An excellent alternative to the Private Mausoleum is a "Private Family Estate".   Let us help you explore your affordable Tulsa cemetery burial and entombment options. Call our Cemetery (918)299-5705 for complete details or use this convenient and secure contact us form.