After Cremation

1 in 5 Americans have cremation ashes in their house - never disposed of.

Rolling Oaks offers you many affordable cremation choices for your loved ones' cremation ashes.  Many people overlook the importance of cemetery property for those who choose cremation, but permanent placement, or final disposition of ashes  or “cremated remains” is an important part of final arrangements.

Just consider:

  • A permanent site gives loved ones a physical place for reflection.
  • committal ceremony accompanying the placement of an urn in a cremation niche or a cremation garden in a cemetery provides family and friends with closure after the loss of a loved one.
  • When ashes of a loved one are kept with relatives, they can easily become misplaced or discarded through the years, as future generations may not feel a connection to the deceased.
  • A permanent placement provides future generations with a location to visit when researching heritage.

Understanding that 46% of Americans choose cremation, we specialize in suitable and affordable ash disposition burial gardens.  Our Tulsa Oklahoma Cemetery features these important specialized cremation options for placement and permanent materialization of cremation ashes.  Request your  informative FREE color  brochure entitled "After Cremation"

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