Choosing a Burial Plot: Cemeteries in Broken Arrow, OK


Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens specializes in affordable cemetery spaces and cremation gardens choices. We offer upright standing headstones standing beautifully in our uniquely contoured Oklahoma cemetery property. The affordable cemetery prices set us apart from other funeral homes and cemeteries saving you thousands of dollars.

In this time of grief, we offer your family and loved ones their final resting place. Whether you need individual, family or estate plots, our friendly and compassionate staff are always here for you. Let us help you decide and guide you through the entire process.

Beautiful Cemeteries in Broken Arrow, OK

Rolling Oaks Memorial Gardens is a place of peaceful serenity and rest for those who are no longer with us in this life. If you are looking for established cemeteries in Broken Arrow, OK that will endure, visit us at 4300 E 91st St Tulsa, OK 74137. Call us at (918) 299-5705 with any questions you may have about our grounds.

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Planning a traditional funeral with a cemetery burial often involves purchasing a burial plot in a cemetery. Because of the lasting nature of this choice, people can feel unsure of their decision of where their loved one’s remains should be laid to rest. Long after death, this plot of ground will be the place to which family and others will return to occasionally visit. If you’re experiencing this uncertainty in your selection of a burial site, be sure to evaluate the following details as you consider possible cemeteries in Broken Arrow, OK for interment.

Affiliations: Some private cemeteries are connected with a funeral home. When using their services for aftercare of the deceased, these businesses often provide a discount on the purchase of a plot. You can find out more about these details by contacting the administrative service office.

Pricing: Like any established services, cemeteries incur costs for ongoing operations. Burials, grounds maintenance, utilities, and other expenditures need to be paid each month. Patrons who bury a loved one on their grounds are charged fees for things such as permits to bury, vault access, opening and closing of the ground, labor, equipment, and more. These fees vary based on the business of being a cemetery. Prices can also be impacted by the type of ground that you purchase. For example, if you buy a single plot, it will likely cost less than a double depth plot or a side-by-side patch of ground.

Another price influence is the location in the gardens you choose for burial. If you prefer to buy a final place of rest in a more attractive area, it will generally be more expensive. When you choose to buy is also a factor. Buying today tends to be cheaper than in the future, based on demand and inflation.

Location: Over time, cemeteries in Broken Arrow, OK will be influenced by the changing needs of the community. A growing area precedes the need for expansion of burial ground. If you purchase a plot on the outside edge of a cemetery, in the future, the plot could be somewhere in the middle.

Try to consider the cemetery from the perspective of the community over the next one hundred years. No one can be certain of what the future will bring. However, it can be helpful to think for a moment about what is likely to happen to a particular cemetery in the long run. Will it continue to operate? Will it fall into disrepair?

Interment: Earth burial plots and cremation interments can be carried out in many ways. Burial below the ground is a common means of laying a loved one to rest. Above-ground burial may be accommodated via a mausoleum. Columbarium niches are common for inurned ash placement. Other options include ash scattering in a dedicated area of the gardens or urn burial in a cemetery earth plot. Consider what kind of burial you want, and make sure your chosen cemetery can accommodate it.

Regulations: Many cemeteries have their own rules about how they operate.  They may restrict grave marker and headstone size and height, material, and hours of visiting. Rules may also include when flowers and grave goods can be placed. In some cemeteries, ongoing care of the grave may fall to your surviving family. It’s a good idea to review the rules of a cemetery before you buy a grave plot on their grounds.

Family Burial Grounds: Some families find value in being laid to rest near to members of the family that have gone before. It is a common practice but requires a family to purchase several plots of land in a cemetery. If you wish to establish this burial tradition, consider how many generations forward you might want to be laid to rest in the family plot, and buy accordingly.

Military Cemeteries: For those veterans of the armed forces that qualify to be buried in a federal cemetery, it is a great honor. Contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for additional information about the criteria. Burial with military honors in any other cemetery is also the mark of national appreciation.

Religious Cemeteries: Some religious traditions provide burial grounds for those who share their faith. These beautiful cemeteries are privately maintained and managed on behalf of the community of believers. If you are interested in burial options in such a place, contact your faith leader or funeral director for information about this option. Other cemeteries are open to the general public but are maintained by religious organizations.