The Benefits of Graveside Funeral Services at Cemeteries in Glenpool, OK

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A large majority of funerals are conducted at an offsite location apart from the cemetery where the fallen is to be buried. After the service, the in casket remains are taken to the grave plot, where a small committal service may occur before the deceased is buried. However, there are circumstances where it may be preferable to conduct the entirety of funeral services at the side of the grave in cemeteries in Glenpool, OK. Here are several reasons why it may be the right decision:


A funeral conducted at the burial plot can serve as a poignant reminder of the finality of life’s end. There, at the place where the deceased will be buried, no one can mistake the occasion as just another passing moment. It anchors the memory of the funeral experience at the place where the person will be laid to rest.

Family and friends who attend may feel a sense of quiescence as the story of a life is told there at the grave. Emotional pain and heartbreak may endure for a time, but witnessing the casket being lowered into the earth can bring a sense of ending and closure. In turn, those who attend to grieve the loss of their loved one can begin to heal.

At some services, the funeral experience includes the opportunity to participate in the burial in a small but meaningful way. For example, those who wish may be able to carry the casket and deceased to their final grave location at the cemetery. After the service and the lowering of the casket, they may be able to throw handfuls of earth into the grave. In this manner, family and loved ones can create one last memory with their fallen loved ones. They can aid in the final act of lovingly helping with the burial process.

Other participative services may have similar bonding effects, such as scattering of ashes, burial in an ash garden, or placement of inurned remains in a columbarium niche.

Personal Experience

A graveside service is often reserved for family and close friends. The experience tends to be a more intimate and private experience where the burden of loss and grief is shared among a small group of closely connected people.

Services at the graveside can also be held for a large group as well. Coordinating these details can be handled through a qualified funeral professional. For larger gatherings, an outdoor venue at the cemetery may better accommodate your needs. The casket can then be carried to the nearby grave.

Simple and Brief

Most funerals held at the side of the grave tend to be more simple in form. The basic elements of services are included, but more elaborate details tend to be omitted. Music, extensive flower arrangements, and memorabilia are less common at an outdoor funeral.

Viewings or wake services are generally held before the graveside service and not at cemeteries in Glenpool, OKDepending on how the funeral is setup, pallbearers may not be needed to carry the deceased to their grave, since the funeral staff may handle these details.

Temperature and weather are always a potential concern, which can reduce the length of the service. The time of year and location when the funeral occurs may dictate the decision whether to hold service in or out of doors at the graveside.

Less Expensive

Services at the side of the grave can be less costly than one held indoors. This benefit comes as a result of the reduced requirement for services related to the following:

  • Rental of a funeral home, chapel, or another venue
  • Rental of building for viewing
  • Rental of limousines and shuttles
  • Less need for flowers, musical support
  • Possible exclusion of embalming service

Planning a Graveside Service at Cemeteries in Glenpool, OK

A qualified aftercare professional such as a funeral director or celebrant can be a pillar of support in your family’s time of need. They can guide you through the steps and decisions necessary to conduct the funeral service at the side of the grave.

Working with an expert in the arrangement of services will aid you to better define your intended outcome for the funeral. You will also be supported to locate any important details regarding the wishes of the deceased about their final farewell. They will ask relevant and detailed questions to help clarify your needs. After they understand what is wanted, they will immediately begin coordinating in the background. They can help write obituary notices, obtain death certificate copies, arrange for inclusion of any cultural or religious essentials, etc.